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Driver CPC Awareness

Driver CPC Awareness


Driver CPC is a legal requirement and has been introduced across the EU to maintain high driving standards and improve road safety. All professional bus, coach and lorry drivers must hold a Driver CPC to drive legally.

What will you learn

Periodic training is designed to complement the individual drivers work. There is no final test or pass/fail element. The syllabus broadly covers:

  • Health and safety, service and logistics
  • Safe and fuel efficient driving
  • Legal requirements


Course Name Location Duration
Driver CPC Awareness SWH Training Centre 7 hours
Course requirements

New drivers wanting to obtain a vocational licence to drive professionally will need to pass the Driver CPC Initial Qualification. All candidates wishing to undertake this course will need to have full PPE.

Bus/Coach Driver
Held vocational licence
prior to 10 September
Rights acquired until 9
September 2013
Lorry Driver
Held vocational licence
prior to 10 September
Rights acquired until 9
September 2014

*Those who have ‘not for hire or reward’ on their licence, do not have acquired rights and will have to take an initial questionnaire.

Qualifications gained

Periodic Training (JAUPT) with Driver Qualification Card (DQC)