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12D T7 (Traffic Management)

12D T7 (Traffic Management)


This 12D T7 (Managers and Client Officers) course provides candidates with the necessary underpinning technical knowledge of temporary traffic management and the design procedures used within Highway Authorities, Contractors and for other organisations who require a knowledge of current basic practice with minimum legal requirements where they apply. The course is targeted at all levels of Management, Client Officers, Technicians and Temporary Traffic Management.

  • What will you learn
  • Qualifications Gained
What will you learn

Upon completion of 12D T7, candidates will:

  • Have a working knowledge of National Highway Sector Schemes
  • Have an awareness of Traffic Management Health and Safety Issues
  • Interpret the requirements of ‘The Safety at Street Works and Road Works, A Code of Practice (The Red Book)’ and further guidance from ‘ The Traffic SignsManual, Chapter 8’
  • Consider all options available to determine the level and extent of the Temporary Traffic Management required
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the site risk assessment process
  • Have the ability to assess and determine temporary traffic layout required for a given work location, activity or operation
  • Have an awareness of Traffic Management Health & Safety Issues
  • Understand the standard of equipment that is acceptable to use
  • Realise the implications of changing conditions on site
  • Have the confidence to liaise with site staff for appropriate remedial actions
  • Have the ability to confirm suitability of TTM plans prior to work starting on site


Course name Location Duration
12D T7 SWH Training Centre 2 days


Qualifications gained

12D T7