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12D T6 (Traffic Management)

12D T6 (Traffic Management)


This 12D T6 (Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative) course provides candidates with the necessary underpinning technical knowledge and skills to supervise gangs. The course has been specifically designed for you if you are a Registered Traffic Management Operative (RTMO) as described in sector scheme document 12D and you wish to become a Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative (RLTMO).

What will you learn

Upon completion of 12D T6, candidates will:

  • Understand the aims and principles of the National Highway Sector Schemes
  • Have an awareness of Traffic Management Health and Safety Issues
  • Appreciate and understand Chapter 8/Code of Practice Red Book
  • Understand the risk assessment process and how to apply it to Traffic Management
  • Have an understanding of the role of the RLTMO and have demonstrated the ability to assess the suitability of equipment, to monitor the changing conditions on site and recommend appropriate remedial action as necessary
  • Be able to ascertain when management intervention is required


Course name Location Duration
12D T6 SWH Training Centre 2 days



Course requirements

Candidates must have achieved 12D T1 and T2 before undertaking this course. All candidates wishing to undertake this course will need to have full PPE.

Qualifications gained

12D T6 (Registered Lead Traffic Management Operative)