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Educational Building Construction

Our expertise in the Educational Building Construction is vast. We have built schools in Cornwall, Devon and Somerset. We have worked for The University of Plymouth and Exeter University. We understand the unique challenges of working in a live school environment and are sought by clients across the south west to deliver new builds and refurbishment to educational premises.

During our works with schools, we aim to become an integral part of the school community, attending assemblies, talking about the dangers of construction sites and providing tours of the works, if appropriate. We provide construction careers advice and give high visibility vests to pupils.

We understand the critical timing of works within the education sector – we have so far completed 17 separate jobs during the six week school holidays, finishing a week before the proposed completion date so schools could be ready for the start of the new term. We are also flexible during certain days, for example, during exams, where the location needs to be quiet.

Examples of our works in the education sector include:

  • King Alfred School for Somerset County Council – £1.3m - This work comprised the refurbishment and redecoration of King Alfred School A-Block, along with structural works. The programme of work was revised and developed to ensure that it could be carried out in the school holidays, leaving the building fully functional during term time.
  • Uffculme Academy Art Block, Devon - £500k – Comprehensive alteration and refurbishment works on the school’s former Science block.  The works included the demolition of existing walls and doors, the controlled removal of known asbestos and the construction of new rooms.
Educational Building Construction

Our projects: