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Please note: We’ve recently got a new logo (just in case you didn’t recognise us!)

Road Construction Safety

We are a business that cares for our employees, those affected by their work and the environment in which we operate. 

Embedded within our culture and occupational health and safety management systems is a belief that we can always do better, so we strive for continual improvement in the way we plan, manage and carry out our work.    

We encourage employees to get involved in helping us develop new and innovative ways of working that keep them safe and reduce their exposure to things that can harm their health. 

Our commitment to protecting the health and safety and wellbeing of our employees and others is led from the top and demonstrated throughout the business.  We care about the whole person, not just when they are at work, and our aim is to support employees in whatever they are going through so that they want to give their best in return.