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South West Highways wins Highways Agency Award

SWH delighted to be presented with a prestigious health and safety award at recent ceremony

The newly created supplier recognition scheme acknowledges the efforts of the HA's supply chain and their innovations which help them deliver a better service in the improvement of the road network in England.

Our application was triggered by an idea from an employee through our in-house suggestion scheme.

Road-worker Nick George and his colleagues had to regularly enter gravelled escape lanes to make good where drivers had strayed. This involved parking their maintenance vehicle on the approach lanes and sweeping the gravel from the carriageway; with their maintenance vehicle parked on the apprach as protection against incursion while they were working. His idea of creating visible furrows to highlight the surface material of the escape lane to drivers was implemented, then enhanced by the furrows being made slightly deeper and high viz paint applied to make them more visible. The solution to the problem had an instant impact, reducing the frequency operatives have to carry out this potentially hazardous roadside activity by as much as 75%.

We are delighted to have won the Highly Commended Award. Our client representative Andy Dean, of Connect Roads, commented: "This was such a simple and worthwhile idea, readily and inexpensively applied. The innovation improves the safety of the workforce because the number of reactive maintenance operations to the escape lanes, which are immediately adjacent to the traffic lanes, has been substantially cut. Equally, public safety is also improved because road users who previously used to enter the escape lanes by mistake, now rarely happens."

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